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Lifetime Deal Explained

Lifetime deals are awesome, I love the idea that I pay one price and have the ability to have access to updates and add-ons to the product I purchased.

Wait, not completely sure what a lifetime deal is?

Alright, well, it’s pretty simple really.

Typically products that have a lifetime deal usually offer some kind of offer that includes free updates, add-ons, or anything related to the product that you purchased.

This product is no different. You’ll receive any updates that are done, as well as any add-ons that are created for this product as long as it remains available. Typically, lifetime deals don’t last a long time as they tend to become expensive to maintain and require a lot of attention, however, given the nature of this product, neither are true.

With that being said, there will be periodic updates as science and information change over time relating to exercise and nutrition.

At any time if you have questions about the product or any of the information relating to this product, please reach out as I’m always happy to answer questions.