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ATTENTION: Confused Weight Lifters & Strength Newbies


Or at the very least be able to produce an effective program on your own?

There's An Easier Way To Create An Exercise Program That's Fast, Efficient, and most importantly, THAT WORKS!!!

It's hard to find an exercise program that keeps delivering and even harder to find a personal trainer to help you create one. Spending hours scouring the internet or paying huge sums of money to find something that fits what you're looking for stinks and leads up confusing you and settling for something that is subpar.

And trying to come up with something on your own always seems like something is missing.

You always feel like there is something better you could be doing.

When you do find something that you think would work, its either extremely complicated or costs more than you're willing to spend.

These challenges explain why you keeping making small increases, if any at all, in your progress.

In the years I've spent developing quick and effective programs, I've learned that a program that is simple and adjusts to your abilities will keep you moving forward. PERIOD.

Making progress in the gym isn't about complicated programs, the equipment you use, or even the time you spend in the gym. While all those things might help, without simplicity and consistency, they're ultimately just a waste of time and effort. When it comes to weight training, your progress is going to come from being able to repeatedly show up, put in work, and follow a plan. If that plan is complicated, chances that you'll follow it long term isn't great.

But where do you get great exercise programs?

Well, if you're like most gym goer's, you've probably turned to a personal trainer or coach.

Unfortunately, with personal trainers or coaches, you usually run into one of the following problems:

This is pretty typical as they only get paid based on how often they see you. So they are going to try and get you to see them more than once so they can capitalize on how much they can make.

Personal Trainers aren't cheap. The “inexpensive” ones charge $89 for one month of programming. The really great personal trainers might not even offer you a programming option because they want to sell you on a higher ticket coaching program. For some, coaching might be their best option, but it's not for everyone and it tends to be quite time intensive, as well as expensive.

This can be good or bad, but more bad than good.  There is a time to add complicated programming to someones routine, but ultimately, it's not what is going to keep your progress moving forward. From drop sets, to super sets, to lactic acid training, these methods are great when used sparingly, but miss the boat when it comes to the bigger picture.  Consistency, and there's no better way to break consistency when you're confused about whether you are completing the program properly.

So where does that leave you?

Feeling frustrated about the time and money you're wasting on other programs that don't deliver.

With Evolved Athletix Prime V1.0, You'll get:

  • to choose the exercises you like
  • full body workouts
  • 4 weeks worth of programming created in minutes
  • programming that adjusts after each workout
  • able to be continuously used

..Evolved Athletix Prime V1.0 is an incredible value at just $15!

Special Bonus
With your purchase of Evolved Athletix Prime V1.0, I'm offering a LIFETIME of updates as part of the introductory price! This means explanation videos, program modifications, and even special add-ons to help you get the most out of the program. You'll never find a deal like this coming from a fitness professional again, this is literally unheard of with the thousands of fitness professional that are out there today.

With your purchase, you're going to save yourself time and frustration of trying to find a program that works for you and then keeps delivering progress. Evolved Athletix Prime V1.0 is more than just a workout builder, it's a program builder and with it, you'll also have the piece of mind that you didn't spend hundreds of dollars on a program that stopped delivering shortly after you started it.

Lastly, this program can be used over and over again, some uses have reported using it up to 12 weeks.

You can ignore this offer and continue…

...paying big bucks to a personal trainer or coach each time you need a new program
• ...feeling frustrated over the dismal results you're getting
• ...worrying about the time and money you spend on programs
• ...wondering why you aren't making the progress you hoped you would
• ...settling for subpar gains than you know you're capable of

Or you can purchase Evolved Athletix Prime V1.0 now and have lifetime access to any updates and add-ons that are produced.

The choice is clear.



Jim Young

Jim is a graduate of the Western Michigan University with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine. He's also worked in a community mental health setting helping those with serious mental illness improve their health and fitness. Jim takes pride as a coach in helping people achieve better versions of themselves using simple and practical systems.