30 Day Challenge



You’re going to get loads of information and some pretty cool tools to keep you moving along.


In this challenge, you will cover everything from identifying your goal, building a workout routine, how to make nutrition simple, and a little bit of everything in between.


The goal of this challenge isn’t to get you 6-pack abs or build your best body in the shortest time frame possible, it’s to help you develop a well rounded program that you’ll be able to easily add to your lifestyle.


Over the next several weeks, you'll have everything you need to make big changes. No more guess work as you'll have the information you need from workouts to nutrition, but that doesn't mean that all of the work is done for you.


That's the one thing nobody can do for you.


To be clear, the purpose is to give you a clear path without any non-sense sprinkled in. It's to help you develop a plan and routine so you can begin working on becoming a better you. 

My goal is to help you reach your specific goal, whatever it might be, through building a simple and practical fitness plan.

Every person that enters will receive:

❇️ 30 Days of Support
❇️ Private Online Community
❇️ Workout Builder
❇️ Nutrition Calculator
❇️ Results Trackers

....and potential for a lot more......

So what are you waiting for?



Jim Young

After finishing grad school, I took at is a personal goal of mine to help people understand complex topics in the health and fitness industry. It's important to me that people are able to rely on professionals to not lead them astray and call out those that are.

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